Sarns Machine, Inc. is a quality manufacturer of special cylinders and rebuilt cylinders.

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Special Purpose Machines & Fixtures

Made in the USASarns’ Special Machine and Fixture Division helps component part manufacturers improve processes, increase quality and reduce costs. Combining experience, creativity and responsiveness, the Sarns’ Team marshals the latest available factory hardened technology to implement cost-effective solutions for our customers. Let us use our knowledge to help you.

Design, Build, Rebuild & Repair

Design: Sarns has in-house design capabilities using Solid Works & AutoCad 2009.


Build: A full machine shop allows in-house control of your job. We can design and build your special machine and fixtures or build per your design.


New & Rebuild: Sarns can design and build a new machine, retool or
rebuild one of your existing machines to solve your manufacturing challenge.


Repair: Sarns can repair or rebuild existing machines or fixtures. We can also upgrade controls or add automation.

Made in the USADetail Work

Working Envelopes

Rectangular Parts:

51” x 25” x 15”

Tolerance: +/- .0005”


Circular Parts:

Size Range: .060” to 40” Diameter x 6” to 26’ in length
Tolerance: +/- .0005” up to 18” in length
  +/- .001” over 18” to 24” in length
  +/- .002” over 24” in length
Run Out: +/- .001” < 8”
  +/- .002” < 8” to 26”
  +/- .005” > 26”
VTL:  Maximum Size: 78” Diameter x 3’ in Height
Tolerance: +/- .005”
Run Out: +/- 005”

Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper & Brass Alloys,

Tool Steels and Titanium. (No nickel alloys)


Welder Types:

Mig, Tig Arc & Subarc. Auto continuous circular weld up to 6’ in Length

Materials: Steel, Aluminum & Tintanium

Sarns Machine, Inc. ~ Established 1904

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